Generalising Dynamical 3-Space Theory through comparisons with Modified Newtonian Dynamics and the General Theory of Relativity

Author: Daniel Kerrigan

Kerrigan, Daniel, 2018 Generalising Dynamical 3-Space Theory through comparisons with Modified Newtonian Dynamics and the General Theory of Relativity, Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering

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This thesis extends and generalises work on a theory of gravity broadly dubbed Dynamical 3-Space theory with reference to ongoing work in the development of other theories of gravitation. Chapter 1 seeks to first outline current research into theories of gravitation, and notably makes reference to currently unexplained phenomena and relations within cosmology. This first chapter also notes in particular another theory of gravitation, Modified Newtonian Dynamics, due to similarities with previous work in Dynamical 3-Space theory. Chapter 2 serves as a broad introduction to Dynamical 3-Space theory from its Process Physics origin, noting a number of key results and methods used within the theory. This in particular includes discussion of the importance of space itself within the theory, and why the theory has developed in the way it has.

Chapters 3 and 4 serve as original contribution to this work, and it is here that generalisation of the theory begins, with reference to two other theories of gravitation; Modified Newtonian Dynamics and the General Theory of Relativity. Chapter 3 begins with a discussion of work that was originally developed to explain the behaviour of free parameters within Dynamical 3-Space theory, before deconstructing and rebuilding this work with reference to research into Modified Newtonian Dynamics. From here Chapter 3 serves to explore the impacts of this on broader Dynamical 3-Space theory. Chapter 4 seeks to construct a self-consistent description of Dynamical 3-Space theory from comparison with Painlevé-Gullstrand coordinates, first noting the behaviour of these coordinates, and discussing this with relation to Dynamical 3-Space theory, before deriving a number of key results seen in Dynamical 3-Space theory from the use of these coordinates alone. This is then used as a vehicle for first discussing why the theory behaves differently to the General Theory of Relativity, before using this base to generalise Dynamical 3-Space theory overall.

Keywords: Dynamical 3-Space Theory, g0-conjecture

Subject: Physics thesis

Thesis type: Doctor of Philosophy
Completed: 2018
School: College of Science and Engineering
Supervisor: Emeritus Professor Reg Cahill