Design and Analysis of Three Phase Double Sided Rotor Line Start Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Author: Parth Patel

Patel, Parth, 2018 Design and Analysis of Three Phase Double Sided Rotor Line Start Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering

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This thesis presents design, analysis and simulation of Line-start axil flux permanent magnet synchronous motor (LSAFPMSM) with double sided rotor single stator slotted configuration. Design of this type of motor used in many constant speed applications. This thesis presents comparison between three phase double sided rotor line-start axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor (LSAFPMSM) with three phase Induction motor. Three axial flux motor designs with different type of rotor with magnet and inductor bar configuration is designed. These three designs are analysed with aluminium and copper material of inductor bar. The design and analysis of the motor is performed in ANSYS Maxwell 3D software. The Finite Element Analysis is used to analyse the motor performance and comparison of both motors. Moreover, the steady state and dynamic performance of both motors are performed under no load and under load condition. The characteristic of motor such as speed, torque, output power, losses, induced voltage and magnetic flux density are studied. From the comparison of LSAFPMSM and induction motor, the results confirm that speed of LSAFPMSM is stable at synchronous speed while operation under loading conditions. The efficiency and power factor of the LSAFPMSM is higher than induction motor. It is suitable to replace induction motor to LSAFPMSM due to advantages of higher efficiency. The main disadvantage of the LSAFPMSM is the higher cost of motor due to adding permanent magnets.

Keywords: Line Start, Synchronous motor, permanent magnet, axial flux, double sided rotor

Subject: Engineering thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2018
School: College of Science and Engineering
Supervisor: Dr Amin Mahmoudi