Identifying community perspectives on hosting international music events in Saudi Arabia

Author: Alhussain Manssor H Hothan

Hothan, Alhussain Manssor H, 2022 Identifying community perspectives on hosting international music events in Saudi Arabia, Flinders University, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

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The aim of this research is to examine the impacts of hosting international events that are becoming increasingly commonplace in the context of tourism development in Saudi Arabia. It also aims to determine how members of the local community have reacted to these events, and their attitudes towards hosting them in the future. This study will contribute to contemporary tourism and events discourse by examining the following objectives: (1) To determine local Saudis’ perspectives towards international cultural (music) events ; (2) To provide recommendations based on the perspectives of community members with regards to hosting international events in the future; (3) To determine the differences in perceptions to international events based on prior travel experiences. To collect data, focus groups were chosen as they allow for in-depth information to be gathered and allow participants to talk more freely about topics of interest. The data collection was conducted between 27 April 2021 to 28 May 2021 which were conducted face-to-face at Flinders University and online via the Zoom App. The findings indicate that establishing international musical events in Saudi Arabia is vital and may result in several cultural, economic, social, and scientific advantages for the country. Additionally, these activities will enhance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's tourism image and attract a large number of people from across the globe. In addition, hosting these events will improve the infrastructure and amenities of the cities that host them. Nonetheless, there are some negative aspects that have been mentioned which event planners should draw attention to, including the inappropriate behaviour of some artists who performed at previous events and the inappropriate behaviour of the audiences who attended, such as sexual harassment and excessive drug and alcohol consumption. It is also clear that some international musical events are incompatible with the conservative Saudi Society's culture, and some people continue to oppose holding them in Saudi Arabia out of fear of eroding the conservative Saudi Society's culture, behaviour, principles, and values over time. These disadvantages may affect the local community's support, which is critical for the future continuation of such events.

Keywords: Community Perspectives, Music events in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Hosting International events, International events, Community Perspectives on Hosting International Music

Subject: Tourism thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2022
School: College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Supervisor: Gareth Butler