Travel Time Reliability Estimation using GPS and GIS Integration

Author: Tamim Alnasser

Alnasser, Tamim, 2017 Travel Time Reliability Estimation using GPS and GIS Integration, Flinders University, School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

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The evaluation of road network performance in traffic management is certainly important as it could have profound effects on the transportation pricing, economy as well as commuter confidence. Furthermore, the spatial characteristics of traffic data allows for the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in the analysis of traffic.

In this study, the travel time duration and reliability for the different routes with the same start and stop points was analysed and compared. The routes which are Marion Road and South Road have slightly different characteristics and are located in Metropolitan Adelaide. This was done with the aim of estimating the travel time duration as well as the reliability of it estimate.

This was carried out by calculating various traffic parameters such as travel time duration and traffic indices using data acquired via GPS. This was subsequently analysed using Quantum GIS (QGIS) software. The congestion indices which include mean velocity, acceleration noise, proportion stopped time and congestion index were calculated and compared for the two routes for different periods of the day.

Results revealed no statistical different in the congestion indices of the two routes. However, the Marion Road routes features lower travel time as a result of its shorter length as well as less number of intersections and links.

Keywords: Travel Time Reliability, Congestion, Spatial Analysis, GPS, GIS.

Subject: Computer Science thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2017
School: School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Supervisor: Rocco Zito