The challenges of adapting to life in Australia for male Saudi international students in Adelaide

Author: Ali Alzahrani

Alzahrani, Ali, 2020 The challenges of adapting to life in Australia for male Saudi international students in Adelaide, Flinders University, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

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The aim of the research was to investigate the challenges that Saudi international university students face while studying in Australia. There is limited research on Saudi international students in Australia and the challenges that they face living and studying in Adelaide. Therefore, there was the need to help fill this knowledge gap by conducting research to gain more understanding of the experiences of this group of students. This study adopts a qualitative research approach as its research methodology based on a phenomenology perspective to investigate personal perspectives on social issues. The setting of the research was Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Purposive sampling was adopted and 6 male Saudi nationals who were students from universities in Adelaide volunteered to participant and to be interviewed around their experiences. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the interview responses and the themes, which were identified in the study, indicated that students faced challenges around language; the educational system; housing; economics and emotional reactions. The participants were not aware of the support programs that were available to assist them address the challenges but they, developed strategies themselves to overcome their challenges. In conclusion they made suggestions for ways that new international students arriving in the country could be better assisted with their adaptation to studying in Australia.

Keywords: Saudi international students, Flinders University, phenomenology, language challenge, education challenge, housing challenge, economic challenges, cultural challenges and social Interaction, emotional challenges, strategies used to overcome the challenges, participants’ suggestions to solve the challenges, support programs, social work.

Subject: Sociology thesis

Thesis type: Graduate Diploma
Completed: 2020
School: College of Education, Psychology and Social Work
Supervisor: Dr. Keith Miller