A Study of Road Network Performance During Incident

Author: Mohitkumar Mukeshbhai Gajera

Gajera, Mohitkumar Mukeshbhai, 2023 A Study of Road Network Performance During Incident, Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering

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This proposal describes an investigation of road network performance during the incident on the road. As a result of the continued growth of the population in South Australia, transportation demand is also increasing. With the demand for transportation, forecasting the traffic on the road is very hard. Transport designers are using different types of simulation (micro-simulation, meso-simulation, and macro-simulation) software for the design of unpredictable situations. Transport designers are facing many difficulties due to unpredictable impacts on traffic, in which traffic incidents are a critical impact during transport design. In this paper, I will analyze road network performance during the incident on the North-East (arterial) Road and its impact on travelers, pedestrians, the economy, and the environment at the midblock as well as at the signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings. I will analyze different locations of incidents, different durations of incidents, future years of operation, and traffic diversion needs and how. I will show the features of the road during the incident with the current road network design. Furthermore, I will analyze the impact of the road incident, how it depends on the location and duration of the incident.

Keywords: Incident study, Traffic incident impacts, Incident management, micro-simulation, Meso-simulation, macro-simulation, SIDRA, AIMSUN

Subject: Engineering thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2023
School: College of Science and Engineering
Supervisor: Branko Stazic