Nudging healthier choices through menu labelling

Author: Cherie Su Qing Sim

Sim, Cherie Su Qing, 2023 Nudging healthier choices through menu labelling, Flinders University, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

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In recent times access to unhealthy food prepared outside the home has continued to grow. The resulting increase in intake of excessive amounts of salt, fat and sugar is associated with various diseases and health complications. As such, the research goal of this thesis was to encourage healthier eating specifically in out of home dining. Labelling was chosen as a nudge intervention to help inform consumers without limiting their choices. The thesis consists of three empirical studies, and a meta-analysis, all with the goal of examining menu labelling in an out of home dining context. The results show support for the use of labels that help consumers interpret information, such as traffic light colours. Outcomes of the thesis contribute to the growing field of menu labelling which will help future policy development to encourage healthier food choices among the wider population.

Keywords: Labelling, menu labels, nudge, nudging, healthier choice, food choice, out of home dining

Subject: Psychology thesis

Thesis type: Doctor of Philosophy
Completed: 2023
School: College of Education, Psychology and Social Work
Supervisor: Eva Kemps