Security issues in the health field with the use of augmented reality

Author: Ankur Sharma

Sharma, Ankur, 2019 Security issues in the health field with the use of augmented reality, Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering

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In the health field, security and privacy issues are a matter of concern and should be considered a high priority. Novel technologies are implemented continuously in the health field to obtain better results and improve health care facilities. However, these new technologies may have some serious security issues that can impact the health field critically. Recently, augmented reality (AR) has become available and ready to be used widely in the health field. This paper focused on identifying the security concerns that are associated with the AR technology in the field of health. To identify the issues related to the health field, a deep study to understand the AR system was done. Working of AR generally and in the health field, was discussed. After identifying the risk aspects, risk assessment was carried out. Further, risk mitigations are provided along with the standards based on the priority rating. Two models were developed. The first is the threat model that helps in identifying the component of the system and how threats may occur. The second is the security model that helps in filling the security gaps in the working model of AR in the health field. These two models enable AR to be widely used in the health field while still safeguarding security aspects of the health care domain.

Keywords: Augmented reality/AR, AR applications, AR security issues, working of AR systems, AR in health, problems and solutions of AR in health

Subject: Computer Science thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2019
School: College of Science and Engineering
Supervisor: Dr Anna Shillabeer