Vortex Fluidic assisted encapsulation of flaxseed oil using alginate and strawberry.

Author: Mgbeodichinma Ogbodo

Ogbodo, Mgbeodichinma, 2023 Vortex Fluidic assisted encapsulation of flaxseed oil using alginate and strawberry., Flinders University, College of Medicine and Public Health

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The present study investigates the process of encapsulating flaxseed oil through the utilisation of a Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD), alginate, and strawberry extract. The process of emulsion preparation consisted of the combination of 8ml of alginate, 1ml of flaxseed oil, and 1ml of Tween 80, utilising a VFD operation configured in a northward orientation and a clockwise motion. This procedure yielded emulsions characterised by remarkably diminutive nanoparticles, measuring approximately 10nm in diameter. In order to generate a novel emulsion, the process involved the utilisation of a systematic approach, as well as the manipulation of encapsulating materials and VFD parameters. The data were divided into two treatment groups: one group received treatment exclusively with the VFD, while the other group was exposed to both the VFD and a sonication bath. A statistical analysis, specifically an analysis of variance (ANOVA), was performed to compare the two treatment groups, indicating that there was no statistically significant difference observed between them. In conclusion, this study highlights the effectiveness of the VFD in producing nanoparticles of small size and maintaining their stability during the process of encapsulation. As a result, valuable insights into the operational mechanism of the VFD are gained.

Keywords: Encapsulation, VFD, alginate, flaxseed oil, strawberry, Tween 80

Subject: Medical Biotechnology thesis

Thesis type: Masters
Completed: 2023
School: College of Medicine and Public Health
Supervisor: Professor Vincent Bulone